(my girl Anna posed for this shot, I made the mistake of telling her how it was supposed to work and now she wants to hunt the bunny in the back yard)

This Is A Work In Progress, Evolving if you will...

Caught in a fit of impulse, I've made manifest the images that have invaded my mind, enjoy.

Currently offering four flavors;

Winter Moon - Like the cold winter air nipping at your nose with a tart, dry taste and a finish that nearly freezes your tongue.

Njord's Beard - Robust and Pungent this Dark Mead will not only put hair on your chest it'll make your brain a little fuzzy too.

Suede Hammer - Now we're talkin' "Hit of the Party" a naturally smooth, lightly textured honey mead with afterthoughts of almonds and mint.


the leading edge of sharp products!

"Made with The Predator in Mind"

Three disc-labels for the group "Val-Kyre"

"Val" is a rutty group of Lads and Lasses that do their best to bring forth the spirit of ancient times. Mixed in the Cauldron of Time, sometimes Hard and sometimes Silly, they band together for a "rockus" good time.

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Essence of the Old World, a True Norse Brew - Staggering Brothers is my kind of  Mead. Flogged with Flavor and Impaled with Texture it is a Renaissance Drink that seizes the most out of life.

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